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Why use an FHCP Associate service or solution provider?

FHCP Associate Members are vetted industry partners carefully selected by FHCP for their innovation and in-depth knowledge of the food, health, and consumer goods industry. They’re leading edge, in tune with trends, and in-the-know to what’s going on in your business. Whatever your need, look to FHCP for your solution. We have everything you need to drive your business forward. Right here

  • I would strongly recommend that all FHCP members utilize its associate members when needed. The benefit that the associate members have is that they are tuned into what is impacting the manufacturer members. Understanding industry, business and government issues provides them with a very insightful benefit. Our associate members have a broad spectrum of knowledge from trade management, marketing, consumer insights, supply chain, financial services and more.

    Jerry Mancini

    President & General Manager Canada, Dole Foods of Canada Ltd.

For information about FHCP’s Associate Program, please contact Joanne Capano, Director, Member Engagement at either 647-967-9555 or

Please use the online directory below to search for companies in our Associate Program.

For a detailed description of Associate Program Members and the services they provide, please refer to our Associate Directory Brochure.


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