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SmartLabel® Transparency Initiative

SmartLabel® Canada, an initiative FHCP helped launch in 2017, improves transparency by letting consumers find detailed information about thousands of food, beverage, personal care, household, and pet care products on their smartphone or computer. SmartLabel® is an innovative program, created by manufacturers and retailers, that gives consumers more information than ever before right at their fingertips. SmartLabel® will change the way people shop and will help them get answers to their product questions wherever and whenever they want it.

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Top Consumer Benefits of SmartLabel®

  1. Gives consumers access to detailed product information in many ways
  2. Easy and accessible technology that consumers will use
  3. Information on thousands of products
  4. More information than could ever fit on a package label
  5. Modern and innovative technology that reflects how people shop
  6. Many major Canadian companies have committed to SmartLabel®
  7. Truthful and accurate information
  8. Information directly from company to consumer
  9. Consistent implementation and design