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Industry Efficiencies & Insights

FCPC works to enhance the strength and competitiveness of the food, beverage and consumer products industry through its focus on supply chain efficiency and building collaborative working relationships with retailers on key industry opportunities. 

We play an active role in the development and sharing of best practices and protocols across the supply chain — all to the benefit of industries who conduct business within our sector. 

We also provide a forum for members to develop and strengthen their go-to-market business platforms through education, professional development sessions and industry reports.

We aim to shape a prosperous business environment by:

  • Working with trading partners on initiatives that have a positive effect on the consumer
  • Continuing to build on the strong foundation of collaboration we share with retailers
  • Broadening relationships beyond current trading partners

Enhancing Capabilities and Competencies

FCPC provides networking opportunities and plays a critical role in educating and training industry executives through Committees, Councils, Networking Groups and events.