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International Trade

Given Canada’s relatively small population, many companies rely on trade with other countries to ensure growth and prosperity.  This includes access to high quality, safe ingredients, especially those that don’t grow in our cooler climate. 

FCPC has lobbied hard and successfully on a number of trade issues, including the successful resolution of the contentious U.S. Country of Origin Labelling requirements, and Canada’s proposed retaliatory tariffs.  FCPC’s contribution to that discussion was so significant that we have become a “go-to” organization for a number of critically important government departments, including Finance, Treasury Board, and Innovation.  The recognition of our contributions to Agriculture and Agri-food Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency bodes well considering the recent creation of a joint trade department specifically designed to support international trade. 

FCPC has provided members with important insights into a number of recent trade agreements and their negotiations, including NAFTA, CETA, and CPTPP, the reboot of the TPP.  These agreements give Canada preferential access to new and important markets, including Japan. FCPC also provides members with critical insights into the impacts these trade deals can have on their businesses.