Food & Consumer Products of Canada and Consumer Health Products Canada have formally merged to create Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada (FHCP).
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Growth & Innovation

FCPC’s mission is to build an operating environment that fosters competitiveness, innovation and growth for our members.

We believe that Canada can play a vital role in feeding the world safe, high quality, made-in-Canada products. This strategy hinges on a competitive manufacturing sector and an operating environment that fosters R&D, innovation and investment.

Canada’s outdated regulatory system makes it difficult for manufacturers to offer Canadians the same innovative products that are available across Europe, the United States, Australia and around the world. It takes an average of 28 months to bring a new or reformulated food product to market in Canada – far longer than in trading partner countries.

FCPC’s priority is advocating for a regulatory environment that enhances our members’ ability to innovate and compete.  Having a modern regulatory system in-line with international best practices will create efficiencies. Canada’s system should continue to be based on sound science and the highest standards for food safety – in other words, smarter regulation, not less regulation.  This will result in many win-win benefits for our industry, consumers and government.


2016 Management Issues Survey