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Chemicals Management

Chemicals are part of everyday life, essential to our economy, our communities and our homes. So when it comes to the ingredients used to make and package our products, our industry is committed to science-based solutions that promote chemical innovation and provide users with safe, effective and convenient products. 

Canada is leading the world with its review of the chemicals in commerce in Canada today, including all the materials that are used to manufacture items we use every day, from automobiles to personal care products and to food and its packaging.

Canada created a list of domestic substances that includes thousands of substances used or made in Canada. This list is reviewed from time to time, as is the science behind those chemicals.  As a result of those reviews, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECC) and Health Canada have identified several thousand chemicals to specifically review to ensure our health and the health of our environment is kept safe. 

FHCP has been engaged with both ECC and Health Canada on chemicals management, including work with the Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC) and the Industry Coordinating Group (ICG).  The SAC is a group of associations that meets with ECC and Health Canada twice a year to review the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) to provide the government with useful insights on CMP activities on behalf of the industries or consumer groups represented.  The ICG is a group of subject matter experts from industry and industry associations that meets internally about four times a year as well as twice a year in a bilateral meeting with government and also hosts a conference every 18 months. 

FHCP provides members with critical updates on CMP activities that could impact their businesses, including special insights into the chemicals under review, helping to identify which ones are of interest to our members. FCPC has a committee that meets quarterly with members to discuss CMP and its activities. FCPC also participates in CMP related consultations on activities that impact our sector. We also work closely with other stakeholder associations to reinforce critically important messaging.