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Food & Product Safety

Safety is the foundation of the food, beverage and consumer goods industry. The industry invests significant resources to earn and maintain consumers’ confidence and safeguard its reputation for providing safe products to consumers.

Canada has among the most stringent safety regulations in the world. Manufacturers maintain the absolute highest standards of safety. They work closely with government and stakeholders to ensure that ingredients and products, regardless of where they originate, meet these safety requirements. Our members are committed to the progress of science and exploring process enhancements which further promote the safety of goods sold in Canada.

Our efforts to ensure safe products:

  • In addition to the federal and provincial legislation governing the food and consumer product system, Canadian manufacturers also have strict in-house quality assurance protocols.
  • Safety systems in place include CanTrace, Canadian Environment Protect Act review, Ingredient Awareness, HACCP, and Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines which enable manufacturers to help ensure the safety of the food supply.

The industry supports the government’s substance review process as part of the Chemical Management Plan and is integral to providing information about substances used in food and consumer goods.