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2022 Ontario Election

With the 2022 Ontario election campaign underway, FHCP's plan to engage local candidates, political parties, key influencers, and the public is in full gear. Each candidate has received a letter from FHCP along with our Election Priorities and a questionnaire asking them to support our key priorities. We call on candidates to commit to:

  • Addressing labour shortages
  • Implementing a grocery code of conduct
  • Supporting a circular economy for plastics

Our election materials are available at and we strongly encourage members to send a template letter/email to their local candidates through

As part of our communications efforts during the election period, our CEO Michael Graydon has released an op-ed on our priorities for this election.

Finally, we encourage FHCP members to reach out to our Government Relations team for any assistance on setting up meetings with local candidates and to our Communications team for media engagement.

An aggregate of all polls is available via CBC’s Poll Tracker.

According to a Nanos poll, healthcare, the cost of living, housing, and the economy/jobs continue to be critical priorities for Ontario voters. Each of the four major parties has made key platform commitments to address these issues, and these themes were debated at the May 10 and May 16 leaders' debates.