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FHCP Praises Parliamentary Study on Proposed Biocide Regulations: Addressing Potential Trade-Related Impacts
Created on 4/19/2024 1:54:25 PM

(Ottawa, ON) April 19, 2024 — FHCP welcomes the report of the Parliamentary Committee on International Trade (CIIT) on Health Canada’s proposed Biocides Regulations. Health Canada and the companies that produce sanitizers and disinfectants both learned much as they rose to the challenge of meeting Canadians’ needs for these products during the pandemic. That knowledge underpinned the development of a regulatory framework that not only meets the immediate needs of Canadians but sets a solid foundation for future challenges. This framework:

  • Bolsters public policy benefiting all Canadians.
  • Enhances product availability, fosters innovation, and promotes a competitive marketplace.
  • Supports our shared goals of regulatory modernization and agility.
  • Complements broader strategies of the Government of Canada, addressing ongoing drug shortages, supply chain disruptions, and incorporating the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic into future emergency preparedness plans.

We are gratified that the CIIT's recommendations to the Government of Canada, issued on April 18, 2024, advocate for a well-considered and adequately supported implementation and transition phase post-approval of these regulations by the Cabinet and subsequent publication in the Canada Gazette, Part II. We maintain that the entire industry entitled to offer these vital products to Canadians deserves equitable access to transition and review processes during this pivotal period of change. FHCP wholeheartedly endorses the proposed increase in resources which will facilitate the establishment of a Health Canada coordinating leadership role. This role is critical in integrating policy and scientific efforts concerning these products, ensuring a more streamlined and effective implementation phase.

FHCP also congratulates and thanks the Canadian Consumer Products Specialty Association for their leadership and collaboration in the pursuit of this modernized regulatory framework.

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