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Margaret Hudson and Jamie Moody Receive 2022 FHCP Award of Distinction
Created on 9/15/2022 9:12:38 AM

Mississauga, ON, October 14, 2022 – Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada (FHPC) is pleased to announce that Margaret Hudson, President & CEO, Burnbrae Farms, and Jamie Moody, retired, Vice Chair of the Tree of Life Canada Advisory Board, received the 2022 Award of Distinction at this year’s annual CEO & Executive Leadership Conference. The conference was held from October 13-14 at the White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
This prestigious award is presented to Margaret and Jamie in recognition of their lasting and profound impact on FHCP and Canada’s food, health, and consumer products industry. Both Margaret and Jamie have been active members of FHCP for many years, including participation on the Board and in support of multiple Board committees. 
"Margaret Hudson and Jamie Moody are the definition of leadership by example,” said Michael Graydon, CEO, FHCP. “They are both widely recognized for their business acumen and accomplishments gained through careers built upon their relationships and their pursuit of product and manufacturing excellence. FHCP’s Award of Distinction honours them, as much for what they have done as who they are, both in and out of the boardroom."

A natural leader, Margaret is a fourth-generation family member who has worked full-time for Burnbrae Farms for more than 30 years and assumed the role of President in 2008 and CEO in 2020. She has championed a string of successful product launches that transformed the egg category, winning multiple new product and innovation awards. One of Margaret’s passions has been to educate non-farming Canadians about farming. She served on the Royal Winter Fair Board for six years and has been a leader in promoting transparency as a means of building trust. Margaret participates and represents Burnbrae Farms in a number of industry-related forums and boards including GS1, the FHCP Board of Directors, and more recently, The Grocery Foundation Board (Toonies for Tummies). She was also instrumental in establishing the Burnbrae Farms Foundation in support of school breakfast programs, disaster relief, and community-based initiatives. 

Jamie is an experienced CEO and passionate team builder, who has enjoyed an extremely successful senior leadership career with Tree of Life Canada—one of Canada’s largest distributors of specialty and natural foods. He began his leadership career in senior finance and marketing positions before being appointed President of Tree of Life Canada in 2003, a role he held for over 16 years. Under Jamie’s leadership, Tree of Life Canada expanded its business significantly through internal organic growth and multiple successful acquisitions into new and growing markets. In May 2019, Jamie became Vice Chair of the Tree of Life Canada Advisory Board, EVP Corporate Development at Tree of Life Canada, and an advisor to Tree of Life and KeHE Distributors LLC—a leading U.S. distributor of natural and specialty food products. Jamie continues to mentor industry colleagues through his work on other Boards and as a Group Leader with the CEO Global Network.

About the Award of Distinction

The Award of Distinction was created by the Board of Directors in 2010 to honour individuals for their significant contribution to, and leadership within, FHCP and the Canadian food, health and consumer products manufacturing industry.

The Award of Distinction recipient is identified and selected by FHCP's Governance Committee and celebrated by their peers at the annual FHCP CEO & Executive Leadership Conference.

Past recipients include Carol Stewart, Kellogg Canada Inc; Allan Cosman, Ferrero Canada; Marc Guay, PepsiCo Foods Limited; Tom Gunter, Fiera Foods and ConAgra Foods Canada; and others. 

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