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Updates to the FHCP Board of Directors
Created on 6/11/2021 9:11:20 AM

June 11, 2021 — Last month, Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada’s (FHCP) board approved five new members to its Board of Directors.

FHCP welcomes to the board:

  • Caroline Nadeau (Coca-Cola Ltd. Canada) replacing Darlene Nicosia (Coca-Cola Ltd. Canada)
  • Ana Dominguez (Lindt & Sprügli Canada Inc.) moving from the Board of Governors to the Board of Directors
  • An Verhulst-Santos (L'Oréal Canada Inc.) replacing Frank Kollmar (L'Oréal Canada Inc.)
  • John Carmichael (Nestlé Canada Inc.) replacing Jeff Hamilton (Nestlé Canada Inc.)
  • Cara Keating (PepsiCo Beverages Canada) moving from Board of Governors to Board of Directors to replace Richard Glover (PepsiCo Beverages Canada)

Thank you to all outgoing Board members for their contributions to FHCP and for their impact and support to the organization’s success. We are excited to welcome the new members to our Board and look forward to working with them to support Canada’s Food, Beverage, Health, and Consumer Products Industry.

For more information please see the full list of our Board of Directors.