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About Us

Who We Are

FHCP is the leading Canadian voice uniting companies, large and small, that provide access to the food, health, and consumer products Canadians rely on every day.


What We Do

As a leader in evidence-based, growth-oriented policy, we help our members support the well-being of Canadians and the security of our food supply, while contributing to the expansion of Canada's economy and the sustainability of our healthcare system and the environment.


Why We Do It

Together we work to create a favourable business environment that allows our members to grow, innovate, and provide value to Canadians.


STAR Values

At FHCP, we are all STARS -- S stands for Service, T for Transparency, A for Accountability, and R for Respect. Four values that together provide a foundation for our interactions and expectations as we work together.

Our values reflect more than just words on a page. They reflect the attitude we share and the approach we bring to all aspects of our day-to-day workplace. They define our relationships with all stakeholders, including other staff members, suppliers, partners, members and the general public.





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