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What We Do




To create and shape a competitive operating environment that fosters innovation and growth. We demonstrate industry leadership and value to our members by:

  • Strategically impacting the issues that affect our industry
  • Effectively advocating with lasting impact
  • Relentlessly promoting our industry’s reputation and contributions
  • Facilitating industry best practices and providing critical insights
  • Empowering consumers through informed choice


We are recognized as the authoritative and trusted voice of the industry that produces the food, health, and consumer products that Canadians rely on every day.


Canada’s food, health and consumer goods manufacturers play a critical role in communities fostering stability across the country by creating jobs, improving health & well-being of Canadians, and contributing to the sustainability of our environment. 

FHCP is the voice of Canada’s leading food, health, and consumer products manufacturers. Our industry employs more people than any other manufacturing sector in Canada, across businesses of all sizes that manufacture and distribute the safe, high-quality products at the heart of healthy homes, healthy communities, and a healthy Canada.

What we do for members

FHCP is the voice of industry on many issues of importance to Canadians including food and product safety; helping to bring innovative products to market including healthier-for-you options; promoting environmental stewardship; product labelling, and working to ensure the competitiveness of our industry so that Canadians have choice and ready access to world-leading safe and innovative products. 

From food production and food manufacturing to health and consumer goods manufacturing, FHCP strives to serve its dynamic membership and be the catalyst for change in Canada’s current competitive landscape.

Join the ranks of world-leading food, beverage and consumer products manufacturers, sales & broker agencies and associates who currently benefit from our services and capabilities. Learn more about the benefits of membership and the priority files that our experts are delivering results on here.

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