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Board, Councils & Committees

How We Develop Our Priorities

FHCP depends on our members to help us develop and drive our association priorities. FHCP is structured to engage members, be accountable and reflect today’s best practices in governance. Member involvement helps FHCP ensure your priorities are met.

Board of Directors

See the list of our Board of Directors here.

  • Representative sample of membership
  • Provide strategic oversight to the organization and set priorities
  • Contribute to the development and approval of the association’s strategic plan 

Board of Governors

  • Advisory group, that provides input to the Board on matters of importance to membership

Board Committees 

  • Executive Committee 

  • Finance and Audit Committee 

  • Industry Affairs Management Committee 

  • Membership Management Committee 

  • Health Products Management Committee 

  • Food & Consumer Products Management Committee 

  • Canadian Manufacturing Management Committee 

Industry Affairs

  • Industry Affairs Council 

  • Sales Best Practices Networking Groups #1, #2, #3 

  • Supply Chain Council 

  • DC Space Sharing Working Group 

  • Unsaleables Working Group 

  • Supply Chain Best Practices Group 

  • Small-Medium Size Enterprises Council 

  • SmartLabel Core Council 

Public Affairs

  • Public Affairs Council — Terms of Reference (members only)

  • Manufacturing Policy Council

Policy & Regulatory Affairs

  • Health Products Policy & Regulatory Affairs Council — Terms of Reference (members only)

  • Health Products Authorization Working Group — Terms of Reference (members only)

  • Health Products Information Working Group — Terms of Reference (members only)

  • Health Products Quality Working Group — Terms of Reference (members only)

  • Food & Consumer Products Policy & Regulatory Affairs Council 

  • CODEX Working Group 

  • Food & Consumer Products Safety Working Group 

  • Advertising to Children Working Group 

  • Food Labelling Working Group 

  • Sodium Working Group 

  • Supplemented Foods Working Group 

  • Sustainability Working Group 

  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act Working Group 

  • Confectionary Cluster 

  • Infant Formula Cluster  


  • HR Roundtable 
  • General Counsel Roundtable