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Recommendations to Government

Strengthening the food, health, and consumer product sector will ensure Canadians can continue to find the products they need at prices they can afford, as well as power much-needed investment, innovation, jobs, and growth.

We cannot achieve this ambitious vision of a stronger, more resilient Canada without the support of government as a proactive, engaged partner committed to the future of this vital sector.

Business is still not back to normal for our sector, which continues to face unprecedented and ongoing supply chain disruptions, labour shortages, and cost pressures. Our member surveys reveal that significant contributors to these ever-present cost increases are commodities, transportation, and packaging.

We have submitted the following recommendations for consideration for the 2023 Federal Budget:

  • Stregthen competitiveness and support innovation
    • address chronic labour shortages 
    • apply a competitive lens to regulatory mandates
    • invetivize manufacturing investments 
    • build supply chain resiliency
    • fund innovation initiatives for a circular economy
  • Implement a Code of Conduct with a broad scope
  • Adopt a National Self-Care Strategy

Read our 2023 Submission to Finance Canada's Pre-Budget Consultations


Ontario Pre-Budget Submission

Before Ontario’s 2023 budget is released, we submitted our recommendations to strengthen the competitiveness and long-term growth of the food, health, and consumer products manufacturing sector in the province. In our submission we call on the government to:

  • Address chronic labour shortages by increasing economic immigration, helping support newcomers, and expanding foreign credential recognition
  • Implement a Code of Conduct with a broad scope by ensuring that all essential everyday products are captured
  • Fund innovation initiatives for a circular economy to ensure plastics do not become waste

Read our 2023 Submission to Ontario Department of Finance's Pre-Budget Consultations