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Recommendations to Government

Strengthening the food, health, and consumer product sector will ensure Canadians can continue to find the products they need at prices they can afford, as well as power much-needed investment, innovation, jobs, and growth.

We cannot achieve this ambitious vision of a stronger, more resilient Canada without the support of government as a proactive, engaged partner committed to the future of this vital sector.

We are pleased to put forward the following recommendations for consideration for the upcoming 2021 Budget:

  • Support companies/essential businesses operating during the pandemic. Specifically (a) implement a tax credit to offset pandemic-related costs; and (b) implement the labour and skills recommendations outlined in the Industry Strategy Council report.
  • Pause non-essential regulatory work not related to COVID-19.
  • Legislate economic growth and competitiveness considerations into regulator mandates.
  • Develop a common framework that provinces and territories could use in their efforts to enact an enforceable UK-style code of conduct to address the unfair and unethical business practices of large grocery retailers in Canada.
  • Implement a National Self-Care Strategy for Canada to increase Canadians' capacity to take care of themselves; save time, money, and resources; and make our publicly funded healthcare system more sustainable.

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